How to fix Agent Activation Runtime_15831 high cpu and memory consumption problems


I have a windows 10 notebook, CPU is intel core i7, 16G memory, recently I encountered a computer usage problem, I found that a windowd system service: Agent Activation Runtime and Service Host: Local Service (Network Restricted) consumes high CPU, up to 30%-50%, memory consumption of 3G or 3.5G,I searched it, it related to the Cortana but I had never used it much,this situation has been for several days, seriously affecting the operation of other software, how to fix it?


1, we can temporarily stop the service process, open Task Manager, and then find the service in the Services tab of Task Manager, right-click Agent Activation Runtime 15831, and then click Stop. This should stop running services.

2,you can click the windows start and then search the Registry in the search bar, then click it, and then click Yes to allow it to run (which needs to be run as an administrator).

3,Navigate to: Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services. Then, find “AarSvc” and “AarSvc_15831” (15831 s random letters and numbers) in the list. Click first, and then on the right, double-click Start and change the value data from 3 to 4. 3 means Manual control service, 4 means Disabled the service. The base should be kept at heteen. Do the same thing for the second one.

4, Now, restart the computer, open task manager and then click services tab, you will find that “Agent Activation Runtime_15831” has been disabled.

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