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What is AdobeARM.exe? Is AdobeARM.exe a malware or virus?


Recently I encountered an issue with the slowness at start-up of my Windows 7 2G system.  I viewed the windows Task Manager tool to see what processes are running at start-up.  The whole system goes into crawl when AdobeARM.exe is running. I’ve searched around on the internet, but I found no conclusive answer. What is AdobeARM.exe? Is it malware or virus or something else?


The file AdobeARM.exe is related to Adobe Reader by Adobe Systems.
AdobeARM.exe is an executable file when the Adobe Reader startup, and it is not a Windows system file and could be removed.

But we have found 34 malwares or virus related to AdobeARM.exe. These malware or viruses pretend to be AdobeARM.exe, run when the system starts, and then automatically connect to the hacker server, sending some sensitive files in the windows system to the hacker.

Please follow these steps to fix AdobeARM.exe  related problems:

1, Download Wise PC Doctor from: (free download link)

2, Run Wise PC Doctor to scan you PC, fix the br_funcs.exe related errors.

3, Disable adobe arm service.

3, Restart your PC.


If these steps could not fix the AdobeARM.exe problem, maybe your PC is infected by virus or Trojan, these virus could hide themselves as AdobeARM.exe.

Please run free avast anti-virus to scan the your computer, and then run wise pc doctor to fix the related error of AdobeARM.exe virus.

How to get rid of AdobeARM.exe virus automatically?

Here is the instruction:
Step A:
Avast Pro Antispyware software(free of charge) .Please download with this Download Link.

Step B: Wise PC Doctor:with this download link to restore damaged registry values.