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Why IDvault.exe consume high CPU on windows 32bit

My friend Tony asked me to fix his laptop yesterday, he said his computer run slowly sometimes and CPU capacity shot up to 100%, his computer’s speed was almost zero. I checked his laptop, his pc system is windows 7 32bit, I found a process named IDvault.exe that consume almost 70% CPU capacity.

What is IDvault.exe?

IDvault.exe is part of Constant Guard Protection Suite, another related file is IDVaultUpdate.exe.

As part of CG’s antivirus function IDvault.exe provides "real-time" scanning on user’s pc all the time, but we couldn’t turn off this function manually.

How to stop IDvault.exe consume high CPU usage?

Uninstall Constant Guard Protection Suite, After that we use wise pc doctor to do a complete scanning, wise pc doctor fix some errors related to the IDvault.exe, and then reinstall Constant Guard Protection Suite, we also turn Windows Firewall off (and also Windows Defender) when CG is reinstalled, because Norton antivirus program had installed on pc.

Related information:

A: Wise pc doctor download link:


B: Run Wise PC Doctor to repair your computer:

1. Install Wise PC Doctor.

2. Click "One-Click Fix", do a complete scan for your computer.

3. Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.