How to solve the problem of slow opening of files on the C driver

I recently encountered a computer problem with my laptop: almost all folders and files on the C drive open very slowly. When right-clicking on any file, the context menu does not show up. Whereas, D drive has no problem and opens very fast, both folders and files.

I went online to look for some solutions and finally succeeded in solving the problem, now I record the steps to solve it for the future:

1. Clean up the disk space, if your C disk space is close to full, this may affect the file reading speed. Solve this problem by deleting unnecessary files or moving some files to other disks.

2. Running WisePCDoctor, download and install wisepcdoctor, use the cleanup function to remove temporary files, registry fragments.

3. Organize the disk fragmentation, because too much disk fragmentation will also affect the reading speed of files. You can use the disk defragmentation tool that comes with Windows to defragment the disk.

4. Check for viruses and malware: Some viruses or malware may affect the reading speed of files. Use the latest anti-virus software to scan your computer.

5. Problems with system settings: Some Windows settings may affect the speed at which files can be opened. For example, if the system is set to display file icons on thumbnails, it may cause files to open slower. Try turning off this setting.

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