What is taskhost.exe how to fix taskhost.exe high cpu usage


Recently my laptop run slowly, when I open a word document, it will take long time to wait, I found two taskhost.exe process on my laptop, both of them located on C:\Windows\System32 and they consume up to 70-80% high cpu usage and there are no other processes is running. Is taskhost.exe a virus? How to stop the taskhost.exe high cpu usage? Please help…

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The process taskhost.exe is a task host component of windows , this process run as Host Process for Windows Tasks on Windows 32-bit platform. The default location of Taskhost.exe is:


Please follow the below steps to fix the taskhost.exe issues:

    1. Download Wise PC Doctor from:


    1. Run Wise PC Doctor to fix the taskhost.exe related issues.
    2. Open Control Panel and double click Administrative Tools.
    3. In the administrative tools window double click Task Scheduler Program.
    4. Browser the entry Task Scheduler Library—-Microsoft—-Windows—RAC and then delete the task in the right pane. Click OK.
    5. Restart your pc

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1, Download Wise PC Doctor:

Taskhost.exe high cpu usage

Taskhost.exe high cpu usage

2. Install Wise PC Doctor.

3. Click "One-Click Fix", do a complete scan for your computer.

4. Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.

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