What is comcastantispy.exe how to fix comcastantispy.exe error of access violation


My computer was running slowly and I checked my pc to see what process was using CPU in windows Task Manager.  I found than a process called ComcastAntiSpy.exe was using nearly 100% CPU times. So I want to end this process by task manager but I get a comcastantispy.exe error message: "Access violation at address 00423D88 in module comcastantispy.exe. Write of address 0000000D ". when I shut down my pc, I get this error message once again and my computer refuse to shut down, I have to try it again. What is comcastantispy.exe? Is comcastantispy.exe a virus or trojan? If so, How to remove comcastantispy.exe? Why comcastantispy.exe consume nearly 100 cpu times? Is there a comcastantispy.exe error repair tool could fix comcastantispy.exe access violation errors?


comcastantispy.exe is a module of Comcast antispyware and Comcast antispyware is included with the Comcast toolbar. You somehow installed the Comcast toolbar and CA Pest Patrol Real Time Protection will be installed at the same time. If you are confused continuity by these error message, please do the following step to fix comcastantispy.exe access violation errors:

1, Uninstall the Comcast toolbar.

2, Uninstall the CA Pest Patrol Real Time Protection component via add/remove programs (Programs and Features).

3, Uninstalled everything associated with Comcast antispyware program.

4, Go to your C: drive and found a folder named "comcastb", please clicked on it, it will open a new folder "comcast antispy" and there is an uninstall file (uninstall.exe).  run it (C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\comcasttb\ uninstall.exe), it will remove all of Comcast modules.

5, Reboot your pc and run wise pc doctor to remove the Comcast other related errors.(wise pc doctor download link:


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Run Wise PC Doctor to repair your computer:

1. Install Wise PC Doctor.

2. Click "One-Click Fix", do a complete scan for your computer.

3. Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.

8 thoughts on “What is comcastantispy.exe how to fix comcastantispy.exe error of access violation

  1. william

    I had this problem. I had uninstalled the comcast toolbar, but it left the comcastantispy.exe, what should I do?

  2. admin Post author

    Please use crtl-alt-del to access the task manager then clicked the process tab and browsed through until you found Comcast Antispy. exe. And then right clicked it and selected “open file location” and inside the folder there was the program along with an uninstaller. Use the uninstaller and it should be removed.

  3. SLH

    Fix options 1 through 4 worked for me except that the folder in my computer was labeled “comcasttb” (two T’s). It’s located under program files, for those who don’t know. I didn’t continue with option 5.

  4. D. Cotter

    Thank you for helping me resolve this problem. I had the same problem for weeks and was unable to fix it no matter what I did until I came across your response to william. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. D Boykin

    Thanks for the info. My wifes computer has had this problem for months, and after a bunch of nagging, I finially went online to see if I could find a solution. I will try this and hopefully it will work. By the way, she is running Windows 7 Pro.

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