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What is br_funcs.exe how to disable br_funcs.exe service high CPU usage



When I start my laptop a process named br_funcs.exe running automatically, after a few minutes, the br_funcs.exe process will consume about 90% CPU usage, this problem will cause my laptop run slowly. What is br_funcs.exe ? how can I disable or delete the br_funcs.exe?

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The br_funcs.exe is a windows service, this service is Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools Enhanced Backup and Restore. This backup service is configured running automatically on Lenovo computer, when the br_funcs.exe process is running, it will consume all available CPU cycles and then your laptop will become low performance.

Please follow these steps to fix br_funcs.exe service error:

1, Download Wise PC Doctor from: ( free download link)

2, Run Wise PC Doctor to scan you PC , fix the br_funcs.exe related errors.

3, Start > All Programs > Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools > Click on Enhanced Backup and Restore to turn off the backup service, and the br_funcs.exe process will stop working.

4, Restart your PC.


If the below steps could not fix the br_funcs.exe high CPU problem, maybe your PC is infected by some virus or Trojan, these virus could hide themselves as br_funcs.exe.

Please run free avast anti-virus to scan the your computer, and then run wise pc doctor to fix the related error of br_funcs.exe virus.

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