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I have get rid of fake MS Removal Tool successfully

A couple of days ago I downloaded a game on my pc and then I got this bad software that calls itself MS Removal Tool. Some how it has prevented my MSE (Microsoft Essentials) from loading (says the root file is infected). I try using MSE to scan my computer in safe mode and it doesn’t find anything. When I come back to normal boot the program is still there. What it does is it running like it’s looking for spyware/malware/virus and comes up that is found a TON of them. When you ask it to remove the spyware/trojan/malware in scan list, it charges you 49.99 (regulars) and 69.99 (premiums) for the software. I removed Microsoft removal tool from my computer thinking it was that. I tried to get Norton suite,for some reason that can’t load again. I can not get the damned MS removal tool from task bar. I am about to lose all my important articles . When I try to install norton suite it tells you that the file is infected,ask you to "activate you antivirus software". When I try installing Norton in safe mode it tells me I need to do a manual install (I have no idea how that works). I would reinstall windows but then I will lose my articles.

Finally I found a solution to this problem,this worked for me, and it was really simple:

1) Shut Down and Restart. (After restarting, do remaining steps quickly, before virus stops apps from working again.)
2) As soon as you can, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and start Task Manager.
3) In Applications tab of Task Manager, right-click on MS Removal Tool, and click Go To Process. This will highlight the MS Removal Tool executable filename in the Process tab of Task Manager.
4) In Process tab of Task Manager, right-click on the MS Removal Tool executable filename, and click Properties.
5) In the General tab of the Properties pop-up, note the location of the executable file. My virus file was in folder C:\ProgramData\cGhKeHfCnLI28600. No guarantee you will have the same folder name.
6) Click OK to close Properties pop-up.
7) In Process tab of Task Manager, right-click on virus executable filename, and click End Process.
8) In Windows Explorer, locate folder from step 5. Delete this folder and all contents of the folder. The virus executable file is in this folder. (If you didn’t do step 7, then you won’t be able to do this step. The virus program must be closed for you to be able to delete it.
9) For my own peace of mind, I next emptied my Recycle Bin.
10) Shut Down and Restart,run Wise PC Doctor to scan my computer:

a. Click "One-Click Fix",do a complete scan for your computer.

b., Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.

Following all the steps above, your computer will run much faster than before.