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My PC reported iastorafsserviceapi.dll is missing. What is iastorafsserviceapi.dll?


Last week I upgrade windows 7 to Windows 10 1903, I kept getting an error popup window,looked like this:

Intel Optane(tm) Memory Pinning
Unable to load DLL
 ‘iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll’: The specified module could not be found.  (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007001

I have never get this DLL error than before. What is wrong with this? What would I do ? How to fix this error related to iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll.

The iastorafsserviceapi.dll is the Intel Optane Memory utility, many users reported this error after upgrading a Windows update, this Windows update was incompatible with the iastorafsserviceapi.dll.

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By the way we have found 34 virus samples related to iastorafsserviceapi.dll.

The below list include threat files that associated with iastorafsserviceapi.dll  Trojan or virus:

  Worm. iastorafsserviceapi/Trojan


  Psw.Win64. iastorafsserviceapi

BackDoor:Win32/64. Iastorafsserviceapi

 If you suspect the file iastorafsserviceapi.dll on your computer, please run free avast anti-virus to scan the hidden threatens, and then run wise pc doctor to fix the related error of  iastorafsserviceapi.dll  viruses.

  1. Click Start, type Apps and Features in the search bar, and select Apps and Features
  2. Find “Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions” and click on it
  3. Choose Uninstall。
  4. Download WisePcDoctor to fix the errors.