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How to fix postgres.exe processes and multiple instances errors


I have installed a Java application, running on JBoss6 application server platform in Windows 7 32bit.The database server is PostgreSQL 9.0.4 when I start the application, the computer run slowly in a few minutes, I check the process via Task Manager, I find that total of 78 postgres.exe processes. These processes are using up 80% of the CPU resources and computer is running hot. When I end the application, these postgres.exe processes came down to seven. That mean the postgres.exe multiple instances can’t be ended by itself. I have to delete these processes manually.

So my question is that are these postgres.exe processes normal ?

What is postgres.exe?  The postgres.exe maybe a virus or not? Please help…

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The postgres.exe process is mostly related to PostgreSQL Server (version 8.3 or 9.04) or PostgreSQL Database Backend, all of them belongs to software PostgreSQL by PostgreSQL Global Development Group (www.postgresql.org). we also found 5 different virus hide themselves as postgres.exe, the postgres.exe was infected by these virus or Trojan:

Gene.postgres /virus



We recommend you first try doing a scan with free avast anti-virus, and then run wise pc doctor to fix the related error of wuaudt.exe virus.

More details of Trojan Removal Instructions: How to get rid of wuaudt.exe virus, Trojan or malwares