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What is wermgr.exe how to fix wermgr.exe application error


Recently I have encountered this issue: my computer run slowly and CPU usage nearly 100% every 30 seconds, when I play WOW, it run slowly. I open windows task manager to monitor the running processes, I found than nearly twenty processes named wermgr.exe is running, these wermgr.exe processes consume up to 100% high CPU usage. Windows occasionally pop up wermgr.exe application error message. Is wermgr.exe a virus or wermgr.exe was infected by unknown virus? How to remove the wermgr.exe process? How to fix wermgr.exe error? Please help…

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The process wermgr.exe is Windows Error Reporting services, this process run as system services Windows (windows 7). The default location of Wermgr.exe is:


Please follow the below steps to fix the wermgr.exe issues:

    1. Download Wise PC Doctor from: this free download link
    2. Run Wise PC Doctor to fix the wermgr.exe related issues.
    3. Open Control Panel and double click Administrative Tools.
    4. Click "System & Maintenance
    5. Click "Administrative Tools"
    6. Select "Services" and Right-Click "Windows Error Reporting Service"
    7. Select "Properties" in the "Service Status" Section Click [Stop]
    8. Set "Startup type:" to "Disabled"
    9. Save and close the dialog boxes.
    10. Restart your pc

How to run Wise PC Doctor to repair your computer

1, Download Wise PC Doctor:



2. Install Wise PC Doctor.

3. Click "One-Click Fix", do a complete scan for your computer.

4. Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.