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Windows 10 version 2004 “Your Device is not ready” and windows update install failed


Hello, I have 16 GB of free space on windows system disk

I’ve tried three times in my computer to install windows 10 update version 2004,when installing updates, it reaches sixty percent then returns to fifty percent and then it reaches to seventy percent, and stop going on ..A message appears with undo changes to computer

What is the real reason that affect the update could not be installed correctly on my computer? How to fix this problem?


Since the release of the patch update of windows 10 version 2004, many people have encountered the install failed problem, and others have successfully installed the patch, but the system also prompt a message: Your Device is not ready. The reason for this problem is that Microsoft’s upgrade program will automatically roll back and stop the installation if the driver is incompatible during the installation. Even if some computers are installed successfully, it will prompt that the hardware is compatible

Please follow these steps to fix your problems:

A) Download wisepcdoctor tools and install it.


B) Run wisepcdoctor to scan system errors and fix these errors.

C) And then you can download the windows update assistant and update your windows. The download link: Windows 10 May 2020 update assistant . After you install this assistant tool, you’ll get windows updates automatically.

D) Run windows update assistant to update your windows to Windows 10 May 2020, after that restart your PC.

E) The error message “Your Device is not ready” of Windows 10 version 2004 will never show again.