Spyware removal instructions of Personal antivirus

The Help Information of Personal antivirus:

Personal antivirus is a rogue antivirus application. Personal Antivirus is often downloaded and installed by a Trojan ,through browser security holes, or via other unconventional and unethical mechanisms. Once installed,Personal Antivirus will display notifications of imaginary security and privacy risks in its attempts to get the user to purchase the full version and may generate system slowdown and instability. This program can be extremely difficult to manually remove.

How To Get Rid Of Personal antivirus:

You will need to download and burn into cd several programs on clean PC or copy them to USB Disk to remove Personal antivirus. Here is the instructions:

a) copy the below programs to USB disk (you can use an MP3 player) or Burn them to CD :

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with this Download Link.


  1. Wise PC Doctor : with this download link(http://www.wisepcdoctor.com/wisepcdoctor_Setup.exe)to restore normal execution of registry.


  1. You might want to download Spyware Doctor as alternate scanners. Though you are likely to be able to download them later on.

b). Restart your computer. At this point you need to gently Press the F8 key repeatedly when you find the startup menu, Select the option “ Safe Mode with Networking” by using the arrow key, then press Enter key on your keyboard , and your computer will start into Windows Safe Mode.

c) Now you need to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware ,double click the file named mbam-setup.exe to install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer, When the program is installed, your need update its database to the latest, then reboot your computer to make the program fully functional, Go Step B to reboot your computer into Safe Mode and do a complete scan for your computer .


(1)In case you have some problems running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, you may rename the downloaded file mbam-setup.exe to explorer.exe or iexplore.exe. After that double click mbam-setup.exe and follow the install steps .

(2) Please make file extention show before renaming mbam-setup.exe.

d) After finish the full scan, click "Show Results" and be sure that the important data aren’t removed and infected. Select or lgnore the scan result and click "Remove Selected" button to get rid of the virus and malwares. Anti-Malware will give you a report to indicate all operations for this scan. It can be saved as you want. Restart your computer and the Anti-Malware will get rid of all virus or malwares which are detected before.

e) Install Wise PC Doctor– the best PC cleaner can easily fix your broken registry values and restore registry values .

Why Wise PC Doctor should be used ?

As we all know, virus, Trojans and Malwares make the computer breakdown by destroying and modifying the registry values so that the computer will not run normally.

After the virus, Trojans and Malwares are removed, the registry remains to be destroyed or modified, therefore the computer’s system still has some problems. That’s

why you really need to fix the registry. Furthermore, some virus, Malwares and Trojans leave many dll data in the registry and this may cause damaged DLL errors and also have an effect on the computer’s system performance.

in any other case Uninstall or install software may make your registry database fragmented, with corrupted, harmful and obsolete files. Do a complete scan for your computer by Wise PC Doctor at this moment.

f) Run Wise PC Doctor to repair your computer:

1. Install Wise PC Doctor.

2. Click "One-Click Fix",do a complete scan for your computer.

3., Click “Repair All” then fix all detected problems.

Following the six easy steps above, your computer will run much faster than before.

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