How to solve the problem of slow opening of files on the C driver

I recently encountered a computer problem with my laptop: almost all folders and files on the C drive open very slowly. When right-clicking on any file, the context menu does not show up. Whereas, D drive has no problem and opens very fast, both folders and files.

I went online to look for some solutions and finally succeeded in solving the problem, now I record the steps to solve it for the future:

1. Clean up the disk space, if your C disk space is close to full, this may affect the file reading speed. Solve this problem by deleting unnecessary files or moving some files to other disks.

2. Running WisePCDoctor, download and install wisepcdoctor, use the cleanup function to remove temporary files, registry fragments.

3. Organize the disk fragmentation, because too much disk fragmentation will also affect the reading speed of files. You can use the disk defragmentation tool that comes with Windows to defragment the disk.

4. Check for viruses and malware: Some viruses or malware may affect the reading speed of files. Use the latest anti-virus software to scan your computer.

5. Problems with system settings: Some Windows settings may affect the speed at which files can be opened. For example, if the system is set to display file icons on thumbnails, it may cause files to open slower. Try turning off this setting.

How to avoid WerFault.exe error from affecting your system more severely

To avoid WerFault.exe error from affecting your system in a more serious way, you can try the following methods:

1. Backup your system regularly: Regularly backing up your system prevents data loss and allows you to quickly recover your system in case of problems.

2. Install and update anti-virus software: Installing and updating anti-virus software can help detect and remove viruses and malware, thus reducing the occurrence of WerFault.exe error.

3. Update your system and applications: Updating your system and applications in a timely manner can fix known vulnerabilities and bugs, thus reducing the likelihood of WerFault.exe errors.

4. Install and uninstall software carefully: Be careful while installing and uninstalling software, make sure they are from reliable sources and follow the correct procedure.

5. Clean up your system regularly: installing and running Wisepcdoctor frees up disk space and removes unnecessary files and programs, which reduces the consumption of system resources and decreases the probability of WerFault.exe errors.

6. Avoid using third-party drivers: Using third-party drivers may cause system instability, which increases the probability of WerFault.exe errors.

7. Avoid frequent changes to system settings: Frequent changes to system settings may lead to system instability, thus increasing the probability of WerFault.exe errors. In conclusion, to avoid WerFault.exe error from affecting your system more seriously, you need to take a series of measures to protect your system, including regular backups, installing and updating antivirus software, updating system and applications, installing and uninstalling software carefully, cleaning up your system regularly, and avoiding frequent changes to system settings.

What is the cause of WerFault.exe errors

WerFault.exe is an error reporting program for the Windows operating system that is used to log and resolve system crashes, application errors and other problems. When a system or application fails, WerFault.exe generates a corresponding error report so that developers or system administrators can better diagnose and solve the problem.

Usually, WerFault.exe errors are caused by corrupted system files, registry errors, hardware failures, virus infections, and other factors. In addition, some common operations such as installing new software, upgrading the operating system, changing the system configuration, etc. may also cause WerFault.exe errors.

If you encounter WerFault.exe errors, you can try the following solutions:

  1. Run System File Checker (SFC) to scan your system files to make sure they are complete and correct.

2. Download wise pc doctor to run a system scanner to locate and remove any system errors that may be causing the WerFault.exe error.( Download )

3. run a malware scanner to locate and remove any viruses or malware that may be causing the WerFault.exe error.

4. update or reinstall the affected software or drivers to make sure they are up-to-date and compatible.

5. reset system settings or restore system to a previously backed up state to fix any system configuration issues that may be causing the WerFault.exe errors.



在最新的版本中,增加了新的写权限检查功能,Dll文件劫持检测工具在默认情况下不需要管理员权限,因此如果您想扫描类似“Program Files”的目录,您需要使用管理员权限运行检测工具,以确保文件能正常运行。



通常情况下,在Windows底层体系结构中有一个dll的搜索路径。如果系统在没有绝对路径的情况下,会尝试自动查找一个请求相关的可执行文件或者 dll文件(触发这个查找过程),那么在这个运行机理下,你可以把你的恶意DLL放在搜索路径的更靠前的位置,这样它就会在真正的dll文件出现之前被找到,这样的话Windows会很乐意地将你的攻击代码提供给应用程序使用,最终导致恶意代码被顺利的运行,从而导致系统危害。


A) 可执行文件的当前工作目录,最高优先级,第一次检查

B) \windows 系统目录

C) \ Windows\system32 系统目录

D) \Windows\syswow64 系统目录,最低优先级,最后检查



Microsoft Windows使用Windows文件保护机制保护系统路径(如System32),但在entrprise解决方案中,保护可执行文件免受DLL劫持的最佳方法是:


















Hall.dll file is missing and black screen


Hello, I have an Acer laptop , suddenly the PC screen is completely black and noting was displayed, but the keyboard is on, so I can make sure that the windows is still working, I tried to restart the computer, then the system reported that there was a dll file missing, but the information disappeared soon, so I can’t remember the missing file name exactly, The file maybe is Hall.dll?  What should I do ? A lot of people online recommend some tips like reinstall windows to recovery the system, this could solve this problem, but all methods seem to require a CD-ROM, but I don’t have any CD or optical disc drive, is there any other solution to solve this problem?


Please try booting the computer in Clean Boot, press F8 into windows safe mode,  see if you encounter the same error, the hall.dll is still missing. Please follow these steps to fix the dll file missing errors:

1, Power on your PC, press F8, select safe mode with command prompt”.

2. Type “reagentc /info” in the open command line environment, and then press the “Enter” key.

3. After determining that Windows RE is disabled, type the “reagentc/enable” command line and press the “Enter” key to re-enable Windows RE.

4. Restart Windows  Press F8 at startup and you’ll see the option to “fix your computer” in advanced startup options.

Microsoft 2020-09 Cumulative update won’t install correctly(KB4571756) (Error 0x800f081f),how to fix windows update error 0x8007025d


My laptop is Windows 10 Home 2004 (Build 19041.450). The Windows Update progr told me that there was a cumulative update available to install (2020-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64-based Systems (KB4571756)). And then I follow the installing steps to install the update, after the installing, there were errors occurred: windows update error code  0x800f081f or 0x8007025d, I can’t fix these errors.


 You can free up some drive space so you can run updates and then restart to install the 2020-09 Cumulative Update,run Windows Update again and then disconnect external hardware,update third-party drivers, you can check Device Manager to find installing errors.

If the above solution doesn’t work, you can try this solution,it will take long time to fix this windows update error:

Pleas download the media creation tool from the Microsoft website and choose to upgrade this PC.

It reinstall Windows 10 and update all the windows files, the installing process will took you more than 4-5  hours.

In fact,it depends on your laptop configurations and Internet connection speed.

After reinstalling windows 10, my video driver stops working, and then I update video driver to latest version, restart my laptop,now the monitor is displaying correctly.

Then it installed the 2020-09 Cumulative windows Update successfully,there were no any errors.

Finally I download wisepcdoctor to clean the junk files when the installing is finished.

How to fix Agent Activation Runtime_15831 high cpu and memory consumption problems


I have a windows 10 notebook, CPU is intel core i7, 16G memory, recently I encountered a computer usage problem, I found that a windowd system service: Agent Activation Runtime and Service Host: Local Service (Network Restricted) consumes high CPU, up to 30%-50%, memory consumption of 3G or 3.5G,I searched it, it related to the Cortana but I had never used it much,this situation has been for several days, seriously affecting the operation of other software, how to fix it?


1, we can temporarily stop the service process, open Task Manager, and then find the service in the Services tab of Task Manager, right-click Agent Activation Runtime 15831, and then click Stop. This should stop running services.

2,you can click the windows start and then search the Registry in the search bar, then click it, and then click Yes to allow it to run (which needs to be run as an administrator).

3,Navigate to: Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services. Then, find “AarSvc” and “AarSvc_15831” (15831 s random letters and numbers) in the list. Click first, and then on the right, double-click Start and change the value data from 3 to 4. 3 means Manual control service, 4 means Disabled the service. The base should be kept at heteen. Do the same thing for the second one.

4, Now, restart the computer, open task manager and then click services tab, you will find that “Agent Activation Runtime_15831” has been disabled.

Windows 10 version 2004 “Your Device is not ready” and windows update install failed


Hello, I have 16 GB of free space on windows system disk

I’ve tried three times in my computer to install windows 10 update version 2004,when installing updates, it reaches sixty percent then returns to fifty percent and then it reaches to seventy percent, and stop going on ..A message appears with undo changes to computer

What is the real reason that affect the update could not be installed correctly on my computer? How to fix this problem?


Since the release of the patch update of windows 10 version 2004, many people have encountered the install failed problem, and others have successfully installed the patch, but the system also prompt a message: Your Device is not ready. The reason for this problem is that Microsoft’s upgrade program will automatically roll back and stop the installation if the driver is incompatible during the installation. Even if some computers are installed successfully, it will prompt that the hardware is compatible

Please follow these steps to fix your problems:

A) Download wisepcdoctor tools and install it.

B) Run wisepcdoctor to scan system errors and fix these errors.

C) And then you can download the windows update assistant and update your windows. The download link: Windows 10 May 2020 update assistant . After you install this assistant tool, you’ll get windows updates automatically.

D) Run windows update assistant to update your windows to Windows 10 May 2020, after that restart your PC.

E) The error message “Your Device is not ready” of Windows 10 version 2004 will never show again.

Event ID 455 ESENT error in Windows 10 V1903 Sovled

I upgrade my PC to windows 10 released v1903 version 18362.116 last week.

Over the next twenty four hours, 32 events (event ID 455) from the source esent were logged in the application log and a message was displayed:

Svchost (8772, R, 98) tilerepositories-1-5-18: error – 1023 (0xfffc01) – Electronic packet log when opening log file


What is ESENT? What is the cause of this event ID 455 error? How to fix this error freely and frendly?


The ESENT.exe is the core component of the window’s , it act as a database engine of windows operating system. The TileDataLayer folder was deleted in Windows 10 v1709. It is replaced by folder TileStore. But window 10 update 1903 is still searching for TileDataLayer folder. If this folder cannot be found, an error event with ID 455 will be reported to the system .It’s very annoying.

The solution is quite simple as you only need to run WisePCDoctor to delete the error folders and junk files ,and then create the TileDatalayer and Database folder. To fix event id 455, do the following steps  to fix this error, and will never see these annoying error reports again:

A:  Download wisepcdoctor tools and install it.

B:  Run wisepcdoctor to scan these errors and fix them.

C:  Open a command prompt as an administrator.

D:  Type mkdir C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database

E: Press Enter.

If there is no  error popup , that means you have fix this Event ID 455 error successfully. If you get any errors look like Access Denied, you should create the TileDataLayer by youself.

The TILEREPOSITORYS Errors and 1023 should not be logged again after you run wisepcdoctor to delete junk files.

When I running Windows Update, there is an error code 0x80073712. What should I do? Completely solve the problem of win10 update kb4093112 patch failure

When I run windows update to install windows 10 kb4093112 patch, I encounter an error. The error code is 0x80073712. I rerun the windows update program or report an error. The error code is 80070003. Now the update fails. What should I do? How to completely solve the problem?


If you encounter an error 0x80073712 or 80073712 or 80070003 while running Windows Update,

because some important files were damaged or missing.  Please follow these steps to fix this windows update problem by these tools:

1, Download wisepcdoctor tools and install it.

2,Run wisepcdoctor to scan these errors and fix them.

3,Type “Command Prompt” into the search box, Run the CMD as Administrator.

4,Type “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” and click Enter keyboard


5, Type “DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” and click Enter keyboard.

6, restart your Windows system again.

7,Run the update again.

Follow these steps can remove this Windows update problem with error code 0x80073712 or 0x80070003.

If the error 80070003 still exists, you can follow these tips to fix this problem:

1,Type “Command Prompt” into the search box , Run the CMD as Administrator.

2,Type: net stop wuauserv  and Hit Enter

3,Type: ren c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old  and Hit Enter

4,Type: net start wuauserv and Hit Enter

5, Download wisepcdoctor tools and install it.

6, Reset your Windows 10.